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  • Cockroaches, by Jo Nesbo
  • The Winter People, by Jennifer McMahon
  • Killer's Island, by Anna Jansson
  • Out on a Limb, by Benjamin Kilham
  • The Museum of Extraordinary THings, by Alice Hoffman
  • The Pagan Lord, by Bernard Cornwall
  • The Visionist, by Rachel Urquhar
  • On Northern Waters, by David Brownt
  • On Such a Full Sea, by Chang-Rae Lee
  • The Wind is Not a RIver, by Brian Payton

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  • Captain Phillips
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  • Locomotive, by Brian Floca
  • Our Founding Mothers, by Cokie Roberts
  • From Sap to Syrup, by Inez Snyder
  • The Impossible Knife of Memory, by Laurie Halse Anderson
  • Eat Like a Bear, by April Pulley Sayre
  • Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, by George O'Connor

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Scratch Programming Tuesday, July 15, 4:00 PM

Ages 5-12
Developed at MIT's Media Lab, Scratch is a simple computer programming language. Hester Fuller will teach us Scratch and help us understand and build Scratch computer games and animated stories using Scratch programming.

Project Micro Tuesday July 22, 4:00 PM

Ages 5-12
Project Micro is sponsored by the UVM Microscopy Imaging Center. Jan Schwarz from UVM will help us to see the world and magnify our perspectives. We will set up several microscope stations and view an amazing world rarely seen without the use of these tools.

Jolts and Volts with IBM's John Cohn Wednesday, July 23, 4PM

All ages, geared for teenagers
Engineer, inventor, mad scientist, all these descriptions fit IBM's Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer John Cohn.  When he is not busy pioneering design work in circuit automation, or travelling worldwide for his work, Mr. Cohn can often be found inspiring young scientists and engineers with his Jolts and Volts program. 
On Wednesday, July 23, the Craftsbury Public Library will join such prestigious institutions as the New York Hall of Science, the Governor's Institute of Vermont, and Disney's Epcot Center that hold bragging rights to hosting John Cohn's famous Jolts and Volts program.  The program explores electricity through a series of participatory demonstrations from microVolts to MegaVolts.  Participants will get to see demos that may include any of the following: VanDeGraaf generator, Tesla Coil, Jacob’s Ladder, Theramin, Electrostatic motors, and pickle electrocuter. The presentation discusses basic electrical concepts, invites the participants to explore electricity via their senses and discusses history of the major inventions in electricity.
The program takes place at 4:00PM at the library.  There is no cost for the program, and all ages are welcome to attend, although the show is geared at teen audiences. 

Fizz, Boom, Sound Tuesday, July 29, 4:00 PM

Ages 5-12
Rachael Miller brings us experiments to explore the world of sound.  We’ll try to figure out what sound is, what sound does and how the human ear perceives it.  We’ll make a sound gun, a banger and a clanger and bounce some sound around.

Science Festival! Tuesday, August 5, 4:00 PM

Ages 1-100
Celebrate science with hands-on activities like building a circuit out of playdough, using physics to create a "lava lamp", see inside electronics, try out chemical reactions,  create giant bubbles, and more.  Free books for kids.

Beavers- Habitat Manipulators August 6, 7PM

Come to a slide/talk presentation on the history and biology of beavers and their habitat conflicts with humans by Skip Lisle, Wildlife Biologist, of Beavers Deceivers International. Sponsored with the Hosmer Ponds Watershed Initiative and the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.

Spy Stories Wednesday, August 13, 7PM

Tom Twetten retired from the CIA in 1995, having started his career as a field case officer in Africa and rising to be head of American covert collection, CIA's Deputy Director for Operations. He held that position at the end of the Cold War, and redirected the service to engage new priorities including the countering of terrorism and of narcotics. He plans to tell some stories based on his 34 years of experience, and reflect on the state of American intelligence following our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aunt Alice, Holocaust Survivor-Sunday, August 17 7:00 PM

Alice was a Holocaust survivor who was put on a Kindertransport just before she turned 16.  Watch the film and join in a discussion led by her niece Peggy Sapphire.


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