. . . they make it happen . . .


Current Volunteer Schedule (PDF)

The library is able to accomplish so much through the long term, dedicated commitment of a group of over 20 volunteers.  Our volunteers run the circulation desk, shelve books, help with daily tasks, oversee our website, weed the flower gardens, complete building and repair jobs, and the list goes on.  If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please talk to Susan.

If you see any of the following people behind the circulation desk or busy on a project at the library, please thank them for their service to the library community!

Anne Hanson, Julie Brochu, Dave Brown, Carol Ceraldi, Lise Erickson, Tule Fogg, Tim Fritz, Amelia Fritz, Dave Stoner, Nancy Milholland, Jamie Milholland, Susan Houston, Barbara Massucci, Anne Morse, Emily Morse,  Kathy Stark, Hester Fuller, Barb Strong, Jay Swainbank, Barb Flint, Priscilla Denton, Linda Wells, Ann Slayton, Chris McDonnell, Mabel Houghton.