In the spring of 2019, the Craftsbury Public Library was contacted by the family of Leesa Fine, a long-time summer resident on Shadow Lake Road, about developing a memorial to her at the library. Leesa was a scholar and teacher at heart, teaching biblical Hebrew to adult classes and volunteering in the Library of Congress. During her time at Shadow Lake over many summers, Leesa frequented the Craftsbury Public Library, relishing in the literature and conviviality of the library and discussing books with the librarians.

We discussed various concepts for the proposed memorial to Leesa Fine and our dream of someday expanding the library was the project that felt to Leesa’s family like the most fitting choice. While the board and staff have been thinking about how to handle the growing pressures of the space needs at the library, this unexpected gift has crystalized our intentions to move forward with this substantial project.

The best first step in planning any major addition is to ask residents and library users their thoughts about the library and what, most importantly, it should be doing for Craftsbury. Our community assessment report can be viewed by clicking the link below. We now set to work on design considerations, and with luck, we will break ground next spring.

Leesa’s husband, Milan Kubic, wrote this piece about Leesa and her connection to our area and library.