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How to Spot Fake News

Want to be a more critical media consumer? Hester Fuller  leads a workshop at the Craftsbury Public Library on steps you can take to sharpen your skills at telling fact from fakery in today's news landscape. 

The workshop objective is to equip participants with skills to be deliberate, thoughtful information consumers.

In this workshop we'll remind ourselves of why it matters to have trust in the information we receive. We'll discuss degrees of trust, and the nature of the work of reporters and editors. We'll talk about things that affect our *perceptions* of truth and falsehood.  We'll look at and discuss examples. We'll consider why different people can reach different assessments of the same material. We'll discuss the ways that presentation can affect us as much as fact. 

Each of us will work toward specifying a personal set of standards for assessing the credibility of reports we see, read or hear. And we'll talk about what you can do next.

Questions we'll take up include:

·  What is a "fact," as opposed to an "alternate fact"? 
·  Says who?
·  Why is this a problem now, anyway? It didn't used to be. 
·  Did it?
·  Where is Walter Cronkhite when you need him?
·  When does technology make it *harder* to get an accurate picture?
·  Are there publications people here feel strongly about, for better or worse? How would *you* assess these publications? Why?
·  What habits of mind will *you* try to cultivate and keep when dealing with information as it comes in?

Bring paper, a pen and a working mind.




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