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Levi Allen: Ethan's Black Sheep Brother

The library is partnering with the Vermont Humanities Council to host Vince Feeney on July 23 at 7PM.  Vince Feeney will be speaking about Levi Allen: Ethan's Black Sheep Brother.  Levi Allen was an outsider within his own family.  Though he supported his brother Ethan at the taking of Ticonderoga, the two fell out during the American Revolution: Levi was a loyalist.  When the war end, Ethan and Ira Allen recruited Levi as independent Vemont's liaison with the authorities in British North America.  In the end, Levi lost the support of his family and friends, dying a pauper in Burlington.  Levi's life presents a vivid picture of the turmoil that a prominent American family experienced during the formative years of Vermont and the American Republic.

This talk is free, open to the public and accessible to all.  For more information, contact the library at 586-9683 or  This program is a part of the Vermont Humanities Council speakers bureau and supported in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities.